“People don’t have incubation origin”

Homophobia is widespread in Armenia.

About this on the International Day Against Homophobia noted advocate Arthur Sakunts in the conversation with “A1+”.

“Homophobia is hatred to people which is expressed based on religious, political, social condition. One thing is clear, that all those societies, which could harmonize spiritual, material, state institutions, it was in conditions of democratic system. Alas we haven’t been able to get rid of it,”- said Mr. Sakunts.

The advocate is sure, that all problems in our society are caused by this phenomenon.

“Diversity is the base for development. Monopoly or one type of dominance is against human society. Human society is initially diverse, people don’t have incubation origin. Those countries, which try to equal the diversity, become dictatorial. Main discourse is in that direction among us, and it is good that there is a discourse,”- he said.

International Day Against Homophobia was officially adopted in 2003.

Homophobia term derived from Greek words homo- similar and phobos- fear. The author of the idea of International Day Against Homophobia belongs to French writer and scientist Louis Georges Ten.