5 people were taken to hospital near Vernisazh (video)

The police are working near Vernisazh, at the shooting scene near Cinema House. There are blood traces in the territory of new building on the crossroad of Khanjyan-Arami Streets, where “Prosgresstech Armenia” company is situated.

“There is information, that there were shots after parking problem between three cars near that company’s gates. There was fighting and then shots- 5-6. Among the injured there is a young man,”- said one of Vernisazh employees, who didn’t want to be introduced.

Ambulance Service head Taguhi Stepanyan noted in the conversation with “A1+” that they had taken 5 people to hospital.

“The injured were taken to first hospital. They are injured mainly in shin, leg parts,”- she said.

From first hospital it was told “A1+” that the injured are in average condition, “There are 4 men and a woman,”- said from hospital.

By the way, the police previously informed “A1+” that there were three injured.