Nairit employees will gather in front of the Presidential

On May 21 at 16:30, “KAMQ” civil movement organizes protest in front of the Presidential in support of “Nairit” factory employees.

“It is said that patience is either life or gold, but when your life doesn’t have value for the present authorities, so you must struggle and prove, that unity is power, and strong will- victory,”- “KAMQ” civil movement founder Artashes Avetisyan said about it to “A1+”. He calls everybody to join “Nairit” factory employees’ fair demand.

We remind that “Nairit” owes 14-15 moths’ salary to its employees. They get salary only after protest actions.

Former powerful chemical factory doesn’t give product since 2010. Only 500 from 2500 employees go to work, and 2000 people are in lay-off.