Ter-Petrosyan personally sent a present (video)

“We have our nation’s grandfather (means RA first President Levon Ter-Petrosyan-edt.) and we have our Saryan park’s grandfather,”- today in Saryan park announced HAK vice president Levon Zurabyan speaking about the oldest member of HAK- 90-years-old Varazdat Gabrielyan.

Today is his birthday, and HAK vice presidents Aram Manukyan and Levon Zurabyan, as well as other HAK members congratulated him.

Varazdat was also given RA first President, HAK leader Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s present, his book “Selection” with inscription. “You give life to me by this,”- said Varazdat Gabrielyan and added, “I don’t imagine something more precious than this. I am a member of people, where there are people and fight, I am there. I fought in 1988 and didn’t miss any meeting, I know everything.”

Grandfather Varazdat has something to say to young activists, “Everything is done through fight, it is the guaranty for victory. Life is struggle by itself. The secret of my health and power is in honest judgment.”

According to Levon Zurabyan, Varazdat Gabrielyan and Levon Ter-Petrosyan know each other very well, since 2008 meetings.

“He encouraged First President at that time. I am happy that we have leaders like grandfather Varazdat, we have members that never get tired and older. The secret of his youth is one- struggle and hope. By the way, on May 10 HAK held youth conference and Varazdat will hold HAK veterans conference,”- added Levon Zurabyan with smile.