“There is no freedom fight in Goris”: Surik Khachatryan

There is festive mood ahead of mayor elections in Goris, there is no tension. Syunik former governor Surik Khachatryan told it to “A1+”.

“There is no freedom fight. The candidates have warm relations with each other, and elections will be very civilized,”- said Surik Khachatryan.

Mr. Khachatryan informed that Goris HHK regional institution decided to defend the candidacy of Vachagan Adunts.

On Ara Budaghyan’s candidacy, Surik Khachatryan noted there is no tension connected with him. We remind that last year Ara Budaghyan’s brother Avetik Budaghyan was killed during the bloody incident near Surik Khachatryan’s house.

Ara Budaghyan promised to answer our questions, but he didn’t call.

There are four candidates for Goris mayor position- “Armwatercanal” Goris section head Vachagan Adunts, “Shani” LLC director, Goris city council member, non partisan Hrayr Yolyan, “Vararakn” LLC director, HHK Ara Budaghyan and “Goris Gamma” JSC executive director Tigran Karapetyan.

The campaign will start on May 21 and will end on June 6. The elections will be held on June 8.