Young businessman turns to all ambassadors (video)

Young businessman living in Davtashen, “Crepson” company director Arman Eremyan’s appeal was refused by the Court of Cassation. He was complaining against Davtashen former community head, present NA deputy Arthur Gevorgyan, who, according to Arman Eremyan, owned his money and made him bankrupt.

Today Aram Eremyan noted in the conversation with “A1+” that it is already a year that he has been fighting for his rights.

“I passed through all the courts and finally the Court of Cassation refused. We have sent 7 letters to Serzh Sargsyan, 5 letters- my mother and 2- me. No response. Today I turn to all ambassadors in Armenia in order to inform Serzh Sargsyan as all my applications don’t pass ahead of President staff. I am sure that when Serzh Sargsyan is acknowledged, there will be a legal solution. I also turn to all interest groups, who are concerned of RA citizen’s future, I also turn to all NA party heads to raise my issue,”- said Arman Eremyan.

Young businessman assures that he won’t leave the country, “I will stay and fight till the end. And if I am not able to reach justice here, I will apply to the European court of Human rights.”