Armenian monument near Massachusetts municipality

The project of the monument started to be realized from 2011 with the support of Armenian community members and Mayor James Milinadzo. Then Merrimack Valley Armenian Genocide monument committee members joined them.

The author of the monument made of bronze and granite is Daniel Varuzhan Hejinyan.

The author notes, “Stone and bronze symbolize the unity of body and soul.” On the top of the monument, there are knitter-dimensional hands. Big cross is placed under the hands.

A part of the texture, which is on the cross, symbolizes Armenian power and beauty.

There is inscription at the bottom of the cross, “The hands are knitting the history of Armenian people. In spite of the pain and horror of the Genocide, Armenians are restoring their expectations and dreams, as we flourish and develop.”

In the middle of the monument it is written in English and Armenia, “In memory.”