Aram Manukya says mandatory component is still in force

Secretary of the Armenian National Congress (HAK) parliamentary group, Aram Manukyan, says the Constitutional Court’s ruling on the controversial pension reform in Armenia caused uncertainty among people.

In April 2014, the Constitutional Court declared that certain provisions of the law were unconstitutional and gave the authorities until September 30 to bring the law into conformity with the constitution.  It also said the authorities can continue forcing workers under 40 to transfer sums [equivalent to 5 percent] of their salaries to special pension funds.

Aram Manukyan reminds that the mandatory component of the law is still in force. “They (employer) have been clearly instructed by Serzh Sargsyan to make transfers to the special funds and they are executing the order,” he said.

Aram Manukyan wonders why an employee should write a letter to say that he is not going to participate in the process. “They are further complicating the process. Why should I write a letter to say that I do not like beer or I am not siding with the Republican party? They are doing everything to go ahead with their plans until September 30.”

He urged all employees who are forced to make transfer sums to special funds to apply to their faction.