Relatives of defendants threaten to burn themselves (video)

Relatives of the six defendants in the so-called Harsnakar case, who received lengthy sentences earlier this year, again gathered outside the presidential palace at 26 Baghramyan Avenue.

They have already turned to the Court of Appeals to dispute the verdict of a lower court that sentenced the six men to 12 years in prison.

The mothers of defendants Garik Margaryan and Arman Khachatryan even threatened to burn themselves with gasoline if the Appellate Court did not overturn the verdict.

On March 24, Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan’s Avan and Nor Nork districts completed the trial in the Harsnakar case, sentencing the six defendants – Garik Margaryan, Arman Baghdasaryan, David Adamyan, Arman Khachatryan, Norayr Hayrapetyan and Arthur Babloyan – to 12 years’ imprisonment.

They were arrested on charges of beating four military physicians – Vahe Avetyan, Arkadi Aghajanyan, Edgar Nikoyan and Artak Bayadyan – at the Harsnakar restaurant owned by former MP Ruben Hayrapetyan.  The tragic incident happened on June 17, 2012, After a 12-day fight for his life, Avetyan died in hospital on June 29 without regaining consciousness.