Prosperous Armenia Party will try to come to power ion 2017 (video)

Why doesn’t the Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK) want to come to power these days?

“Who says that we do not want to come to power?” says BHK member Mikael Melkumyan, He does not know a single political force that would not want to come to power. While the BHK lawmaker agrees that they do not have ministerial portfolios, he points out to the ‘huge army of voters that the most influential party – BHK – has.’

Asked why the party is interested in working with the government led by Hovik Abrahamyan, Mr Melkumyan said, “Our interests stem from the interests of our people and state.”

The newly formed government is to submit to the National Assembly its program next week. Armenian National Congress (HAK) and Heritage have already announced that they would vote against the program while BHK has submitted its proposals. “Personally, I have proposed that the government should ensure implementation of the program as an integral part of the program.”

Mikael Melkumyan is convinced that the BHK will come to power. “We will definitely try to do it in 2017,” he said.

The BHK lawmaker did not rule out that the situation might change in a few months but did not want to make predictions.

Mr Melkumyan also disagreed with the opinion that BHK leader Gagik Tsarukyan avoids criticizing Hovik Abrahamyan considering their in-law relationship.