No outbreak of swine plague in Vedi

The reports about an outbreak of swine plague in Vedi do not correspond to reality, says Armine Sukiasyan, a spokesperson for the State Food Security Service of the Armenian Ministry of Agriculture.

“The State Food Security Service has sent an expert group to the community to verify the information on the spot.  They visited local farms to see whether there has been a massive decline in pigs or not. Only one of the villagers said he had slaughtered 25 pigs because he did not want to keep pigs any longer,” she said.

This is the second time the specialists have visited the communited. Twenty days ago, the Service sent another group to Vedi after it had received a report about an outbreak of swine-plague epidemic.

“During the previous visit, villagers told our experts that they had changed the fodder and pigs got poisoned from high-nitrate fodder,” said Armine Sukiasyan.

She says there is no need to panic and asks everyone to contact the State Food Security Service (20-60-40) if they observe any decline in pig population.