Armen Ashotyan: We shall not return to the previous educational system (video)

No matter which political course Armenia chooses, the country’s education system will not undergo significant changes, says the Minister of Education and Science.

Armen Ashotyan assures everyone that the system of high school will continue to operate in the country despite the sharp criticism.

“Under no circumstances shall we return to the previous system. Armenia cannot isolate itself from the world, the European educational system, because it stems from the interests of our youth,” Mr Ashotyan said in reply to A1+.

Nor can the accession of the Russia-led Customs Union affect the educational system in Armenia. The minister says the Customs Union does not have a specific educational concept, and Armenia, Kazakhstan and Russia are members of the Bologna Process.

Mr Ashotyan today participated in a meeting that discussed the introduction of pilot programs of EU Centre in Armenia’s high schools and universities.