Pushing with elbow, saying immoral words: activist (video)

“We have nothing against Misak Manushyan, but Mashtots park already has a name and it mustn’t be renamed,”- today in the conversation with “A1+” said activist Ani Khachatryan. “We would like them to take an unknown, poor park and name it after Misak Manushyan. And Mashtots park got its name as a result of struggle. All know it,”- she said.

Ani Khachatryan assured that other 6 activists were arrested without any reason, “We were standing and doing nothing. They pulled my hair and pushed me into the car, two people were beaten, Gevorg Safaryan is now in the hospital and has serious injuries. They used force also against me, they sat on me from two sides. They pushed my throat with elbow and say immoral words.”

Ani Khachatryan informed that now they decide with the lawyers what to do later.