Will it be possible to enter university without single test? (video)

This year the mechanism of entering university without single test will be implemented in the admission system. Today it was announced by ATC examination Organization Department head Karo Nasibyan. The admission is organized in Agricultural University in 23 specialties. “The applicant will present the application to the relevant university not to ATC. There he will pass one exam, and other subjects’ grades will be taken from the school certificate.”

Mr. Nasibyan notes that the reason for the decision is lack of students in these specialties.

This year 123465 people have already applied to the ATC for single test. This is less by 1500 compared with the last year. ATC director Gagik Melikyan thinks that there are two reasons for it. First, the number of applicants to secondary vocational colleges and colleges has increased, and second, a number of students prefers not Armenian universities. According to Mr. Melikyan, it is a serious alarm for our universities, “People responsible for the field must take steps towards the development of education quality.”

ATC director also assured that the work is done also this year to make the tests available for everyone, but at the same time level of complexity must remain, “The tests must have such complexity so that students can score 13-16 points. Few will score high points and few will fail the exams.”

According to Gagik Melikyan this year there won’t be complicated and controversial questions in tests. They have already been discussed, “Until today we receive suggestions not to include this or that question in the test. Last year there weren’t such questions and this year also they won’t be. Drawbacks are not criminal in the tests book. There can be misprint in any book, the most important is that they are found and not included in the test.”