Hollande will convince that there are prefect conditions in Armenia (video)

Armenians love France, said Serzh Sargsyan during the press conference at the Presidential. “Dear President, during this visit I wanted to invite you to the events of 100th year of the Genocide. But you said in France that the next year on April 24 you will be in Armenia. Mr. President, I am thankful to You for that step,”- said Serzh Sargsyan to French President.

Francois Hollande said, “We must convince all companies that there are perfect conditions in Armenia, only some political problems must be solved. We must have differentiated attitude towards Armenia in EU relations. That is France’s responsibility so that such thing never happens again. You know that there are such problems also in Africa. I end my speech repeating France’s responsibilities in your region, we have good relations with all three countries.”