Government will continue to transfer money to special funds until Sept 30 (video)

Member of the Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK) Mikael Melkumyan today announced in parliament that his party will vote for or against the government-submitted amendments to the RA Law on the Funded Pensions considering political positions.

He says an interesting situation has emerged and the authorities need to give concrete assessments. “I wonder what is to become of the funds if employers refuse to transfer money to them.”

In reply, Republican MP Hakob Hakobyan, who chairs National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Social Affairs, said there has been an unprecedented increase in transfers and the number of mandatory system participants.

“I just want to remind you that we do not want to defend the interests of certain district authorities, but the interests of the public. If the citizens who write applications not to make transfers, the government will continue to fulfill its function and transfer from 5 % to AMD 25 000 to the funds until September 30.”