Political analyst on Russian Ambassador’s remarks (video)

The statement of Russian Ambassador to Armenia Ivan Volynkin is the logical continuation of Armenia’s accession to the Customs Union, says political analyst Stepan Grigoryan.

“What the Russian diplomat said is quite a normal thing; he said that Russia has put tougher restrictions on media and NGOs. He [Volynkin] made us understand that if we want to join the Customs Union we should limit our freedoms,” said the expert.

Speaking about the statement of OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair James Warlick, Mr Grigoryan reminded that U.S. Ambassador to Armenia supported Warlick, saying things that are advantageous to Azerbaijan.

“Both of them repeated the Madrid Principles but I am concerned that Ambassador John Heffern supported Warlick and accentuated certain things that would have been underscored by the U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan.”

The political analyst points out three reasons behind the statements of the Russian Ambassador and OSCE Co-Chair. “The strained relations between Russia and the West that affect different regions, Armenia’s decision to join the Custom Union, and political passivity in Armenia. The last one is very important because it is obvious that if we do not respond, the world cannot remain silent. Our authorities are probably very busy, though I do not know with what, to react. And one day they may say that we must hand over Artsakh, considering Armenia’s security. What shall we do then?”