Hovik Abrahamyan is the main election rigger, says Armen Martirosyan (video)

Armenia’s Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan is the main election rigger, says a senior member of the opposition Heritage Party.

“As a chairman of the Republican party headquarters, he [Hovik Abrahamyan] is responsible for the election fraud in the previous two elections,” says Armen Martirosyan, Deputy Chairman of the Heritage Party. “You cannot find a better mastermind of election fraud in Armenia. I got acquainted with his ‘skill’ in 2007 when he served as Minister of Territorial Administration.”

Armen Martirosyan says people should not expect anything good from the Abrahamyan-led government as it is an ‘oligarchic government.’

“The new cabinet was formed to serve the interests of certain forces. Though I am not aware of their program I can assure you that they will not do anything good for our people. Armenia needs systemic changes but this government is an anti-reformist government,” said the Heritage official.

Everything else done by Hovik Abrahamyan is nothing but PR aimed at deluding citizens, he stressed.

Armen Martirosyan believes that only extraordinary elections can save the situation as the chances of election fraud are very few and people are more cautious. But if we wait for the next elections scheduled for 2017, we shall have fewer resources and people will again get disappointed.