Armenian Parliament Speaker decided to limit the number of business trips (video)

The National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia is holding an extraordinary sitting on May 12, at the request of the government. Under the first agenda item, the meeting will continue to discuss the bill on amendments to the funded pension law.

Following the controversy of the law and under the pressure of the non-governing forces and civil society, the Constitutional Court recognized some of the provisions of the disputed law as unconstitutional and gave the government and the National Assembly until September 30 to bring them in correspondence with the country’s basic law.

At the beginning of today’s sitting, Aram Manukyan, Secretary of the opposition Armenian National Congress ((HAK) faction, asked NA Speaker Galust Sahakyan about the Black Sea Cooperation Forum. “Why didn’t Armenia send its delegates to the forum? I do that it was your decision,” said Mr Manukyan.

“In order to ensure the routine of the NA activities, it was decided that lawmakers can go on business trips only on exceptional occasions,” said Galust Sahakyan.