H. Abrahamyan: New project will be realistic

Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan met IMF Armenian mission head Marc Horton. Welcoming Marc Horton in the RA Government, Prime Minster noted that he is very interested and stresses the importance of cooperation with the IMF. In this context, the speakers discussed the cooperation and the main directions of the RA economic policy and issues connected with economy development.

Marc Horton congratulated Hovik Abrahamyan on his appointment and wished luck. Horton presented details about the new three-year project of the IMF for our country.

Then the sides discussed issues connected with the funded pensions reforms. Prime Minister and IMF Armenian mission head stressed the importance of the implementation of the reforms taking into consideration demographic problems of our country. Hovik Abrahamyan presented the work and possible steps to the solution of pensions reforms problems.

There was reference to the RA Government new project. Prime Minister noted that it would be realistic, would be directed to the solution of the problems of the country and the society, shadow reduction, fight against monopolies, tax and customs fields improvement. Clear projects would be implemented for the involvement of investments.