Resolution was adopted

Youth resolution was also presented at HAK Youth congress conference.

It was introduced by Youth congress member Areg Gevorgyan. He noted, that they tried to sum up not only their activities since 2007 in the resolution, but also the work of already renamed organization. He listed the illegalities of Serzh Sargsyan’s Government, from political abuses to social-economic misrepresentations.

As a result Youth congress decided in its resolution, “Taking into consideration the danger threatening Armenians’ security, the participation of youth in making the RA a legal state, will continue the fight and the need to win.”

Then Areg Gevorgyan listed their priorities, deepening of territorial youth cooperation, active involvement in media and social networks, active participation in social-political field- marches, demonstrations, forums and other events with the involvement of civil and political active groups, besides active participation in elections, creation of youth initiatives’ center, formation of operative response groups until September 30 for working against crimes of regional authorities, support and spread of party ideas.

In the end the resolution calls all civil and political powers “to be united against the powers occupied the country.” The resolution was adopted unanimously.