Opinion: Authorities do not praise either the victory or the people that won it (video)

The Armenian National Congress (HAK) led by Armenia’s first President Levon Ter-Petrosyan today visited Victory Park in Yerevan on the occasion of Victory Day that marks the 69th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi Germany as well as the liberation of Shushi in 1992.

“The authorities do not praise that victory or the people that won it,” says HAK member Vahagn Khachatryan. He says it is the duty of each and every Armenian to uphold the honour of the people who died during the Great Patriotic War and Karabakh war.

A delegation of the Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK) also visited Victory Park where they laid flowers at the Eternal Flame. Among the delegation were BHK lawmakers Naira Zohrabyan, Vahan Babayan and Vahe Enfianjyan.

Naira Zohrabyan says the deeds of the fallen people will be remembered as long as generations bow their heads in their memory of victims.

The non-governing forces left the park in a triumphant mood, assuring everyone that in the future the Armenian people will have numerous victories.