“Veterans shouldn’t be worshipped but respected”: Vyacheslav Shamiryan (video)

“Independent of social-economic hard conditions, Armenians must often visit Erablur and pay tribute to the memory of victims, as such steps raise nation’s military spirits,”- thinks veteran Vyacheslav Shamiryan. But though he doesn’t want war, he assures that they will raise against the enemy when needed and he is sure that even veterans in difficult social conditions will fight for their nation, as their demand is one, “They want only to be thanked, nothing- job and thanks, shouldn’t be worshipped but respected.” The veteran continues, “We are surrounded by enemies, we don’t have right to lose our power, vigor and love to the homeland.”

What concerns the readiness of young generation to protect the homeland, Vyacheslav Shamiryan thinks that a young man must be brought up in the family, “I am sure that our youth is ready, if not we won’t survive.”