Took part in 18 funerals with Vazgen Sargsyan (video)

We won our peace. Congratulating everybody on May 8 holiday, at the meeting with the journalist noted “Republic” party member, politician Suren Abrahamyan.

According to his words, we were forced to war and we were able to show what we are capable of.

“Glory and honor to our Armenian people. These were heroic years. Armenia was in unequal war, but managed to win,”- remembers General Suren Abrahamyan.

Mr. Abrahamyan was in Syunik during the war. Today he remembered that he took part in 18 funerals in Syunik with Vazgen Sargsyan , as they had so many victims during one military operation, “Vazgen Sargsyan didn’t have children, but I had, but nobody cursed me, as they were devoted people,”- tells the General hiding his tears.

“War is awful,”- he reminds and urges being united not to let a new war.