Volodya Badalyan: HHK will stay in power forever (video)

Volodya Badalyan, a member of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (HHK), says his party will stay in power ‘forever.’

“The Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK) is still too young and inexperienced to come to power; it has a long way to pass and mature as a party,” says HHK Secretary Gagik Melikyan.

Eduard Sharmazanov, another HHK representative who said ‘all those who want to become president or prime minister of Armenia, have to go through Melik-Adamyan street [where the RPA office is located in Yerevan] says he still stick to the belief.

Though the statement aroused strong criticism among other forces, Sharmazanov says he does not take the criticism so seriously.

HHK MP Vahram Mkrtchyan joined the party was a member of the Liberal Democratic Union of Armenia (HZhAM). “HZhAM decided to integrate with the Republican Party,” he said.

And though the process is still unfinished, Mkrtchyan is already a Republican lawmaker who will soon replace Galust Sahakyan as Head of the HHK faction.

Commenting on Sharmazanov’s statement, Mkrtchyan said, “Let other forces try to come to power; if they attempt, they may succeed.”

“We shall not sit and wait for the day,” says BHK lawmaker Naira Zohrabyan. “The political force that sits and waits for the happy day to come to power is doomed to failure.”