Opinion: To erect a statue to Anastas Mikoyan means to erect a statue to the Soviet Union (video)

Writer David Gasparyan disapproves of Yerevan Municipality’s decision to erect Soviet-Armenian statesman Anastas Mikoyan’s statue in the Armenian capital.

“There is already a statue to the statesman in Yeghegnadzor. But, if anyway, they want to erect another, let them set it in Mikoyan’s birthplace – in Sanahin village. They can name a street, school or a building after Mikoyan in Yerevan but there is no need to erect his statue. Placing a statue to Mikoyan would mean erecting a statue to the Soviet Union. Mikoyan was not a national figure, he was a Soviet-era politician,” said Mr Gasparyan.

His opponent, sculptor Ferdinand Arakelyan said ‘we- Armenians – like to see everything in dark colours. Despite the sharp criticism for Anastas Mikoyan, the sculptor claims he has done good things for Armenia and the erection of a monument should be put under consideration.

“We should not demonstrate a rough stance and say that Mikoyan was a monster,” said Mr Arakelyan.