Anahit Bakhshyan encourages cabinet ministers to work better (video)

Member of the Heritage Party Anahit Bakhshyan does not pin any hopes on the new government. She cited examples from her pedagogical activities to give advice to the newly appointed ministers.

“When I worked as a teacher, I could influence naughty boys saying that they are good guys. The same trick is used today to cheer up the newly-formed cabinet. But I assure you that you [ministers] have to work, you are not good enough and I encourage you to become better,” said Anahit Bakhshyan.

Republican MP Vardan Ayvazyan says the government should be allowed to work and there is no need to say that ‘you have failed from the very beginning.’

“I think this government will work better than the previous ones. They have already shown it by removing the circulation tax and statutory audit. The new government changed its mode of actions from the first day. They said what they wanted to say, that people are the most important value for them,” said Mr Ayvazyan.