Gagik Khachatryan: Should you have more information, you would write worse things (video)

The newly-appointed Minister of Finance Gagik Khachatryan advises journalists to wait a little to see whether the public has benefited from the merger of the State Revenue Committee and the Ministry of Finance, or not.

Won’t the merger of the two agencies increase the risks of corruption?

In reply to the question, the minister said, “Today different opinions are published in the press. I advise you to wait and see the implementation of programs and reforms,” said Mr Khachatryan.

Moreover, he advised to spend ten days in the tax and customs services, as well as in the Ministry of Finance in order to see everything ‘with their own eyes.’

To a journalist’s observation that Gagik Khachatryan thus becomes a super minister and his businessmen relatives will also take advantage of this, the minister said, “If you tell me who the owner of “Mozart” is, I will answer your question.” According to press reports, Gagik Khachatryan is a co-owner of the Austrian  “Mozart” Company.

“In Armenia, we should create interest in a businessman’s behavior and not in his personality. Armenia is a small country and people know one another very well. And what are their relatives and family members supposed to do?  They will either work in the public sector or be engaged in business or… should they leave Armenia?” he continued.

In reply to the question why the companies owned by his family begin with the word “Mega” Mr Khachatryan said, “I advise you to get to know my relatives better. Should you have more information, you would write worse things.”

Asked whether the merger of the two agencies was connected with his personality, the minister said, “No it is not. Do not link the merger with personalities or coincidences.”