Independent physicians did not visits actor Vardan Petrosyan

Independent physicians have not visited jailed Armenian actor Vardan Petrosyan, a representative of the Justice Ministry’s Penitentiary Department told A1+.

However, doctors of the Nubarashen penitentiary describe the actor’s health condition as satisfactory.

On April 29, Vardan Petrosyan was transferred to the penitentiary from the Hospital of Convicts. Lawyer Nikolay Baghdasaryan urged that a group of independent physicians visit Petrosyan at Nubarashen to check the conditions at the penitentiary institution and find out whether they could not have a negative impact on Petrosyan’s health.

Petrosyan was taken to jail in connection with the deadly road accident on October 20, 2013, in which his BMW collided with another vehicle, Niva, on the Yeghvard-Yerevan highway. Two Niva passengers were killed in the crash. Petrosyan himself was among the injured people who were hospitalized that night. Petrosyan was soon taken into custody and charged with “negligent breach of traffic rules, which causes death.”  If convicted, Petrosyan faces a sentence of 4–10 years in prison.

The next court hearing is slated for May 16.