“Yerevan residents are left alone with their problems”: debate (video)

With the initiative of “Media Center” online live on “A1+” TV a debate was held on the topic “How much does Yerevan city council implement electoral programs? A year after city council elections.”

Turning to city council’s decision on Anastas Mikoyan’s statue installation in Yerevan, “Barev Yerevan” union member, Legal issues standing committee member Styopa Safaryan said, “Mikoyan’s heirs influenced the city council’s decision on the installation of the statue.” He adds, Anastas Mikoyan’s statue installation decision passes all the moral boundaries.

“I am not a historian and I highly appreciate Anastas Mikoyan’s efforts in the development of Armenian economy, so I am for the statue installation,”- opposed Yerevan city council HHK member, Financial and economic issues standing committee President Naira Nahapetyan.

“There isn’t Nzhdeh’s statue in Yerevan, and the Republican party, which considers itself as the bearer of his ideology, decided to install Anastas Mikoyan’s statue, who killed many Armenians,”- it is the opinion of ARF Yerevan regional committee member Bagrat Yesayan. Mr. Yesayan also turns to the Closed market, “It is interesting that all state bodies accept that there is illegitimacy in Closed market’s issue, but nobody is responsible for it and it operates as “Yerevan City”.

“Closed market, Komitas 5 and other important issues aren’t solved, Yerevan residents are left alone with their problems, and constructions are continuing,”- adds “Pre-parliament” member, conductor Vardan Hakobyan.

“In a year we have done three years’ work,”- claims city council HHK member Naira Nahapetyan.

Debate video- later.