Drivers are discontent, fines are too high (video)

There is no driver in Armenia, who breaks the rule and doesn’t appear in the target of crossroad cameras and speedometers. Where does money taken from them go? This question interests everybody. Many people make predictions, but don’t have concrete facts.

And finally, wherever the money goes, the drivers are discontent. Fines are too high and incompatible with the salary of average Armenian citizen.

Drivers suggest reduction of fines. Won’t it weaken their senses? All claim- no. Those who break rules will continue ignoring cameras and speedometers. And law-abiding driver will follow the rules.

At the same time drivers say that they are not against cameras and speedometers, they only want to be sure that all are fined.

At this moment there are 401 cameras and 115 speedometers in Armenia. Till the end of the year 50 cameras and speedometers will be added, which will be installed in 20 crossroads.

Details in the video