“Let’s Sharmazanov drink cold water before doing predictions” (video)

NA HHK member Mkrtich Minasyan agrees with Edvard Sharmazanov that the Republicans won’t leave the government during coming years for a simple reason, “A big part of the people are HHK members or supporters.”

Mr. Minasyan knows about Gagik Tsarukyan’s announcement that the upcoming elections will pass the Republican party. “HHK won’t appear in the situation of vaunting political powers or people in the near future.”

“It will appear,”- notes BHK Tigran Urikhanyan. Armenian citizen won’t vote as he has voted before and everybody will see whom the people will elect, “We think that it won’t be the Republican”, says Urikhanyan.

Tigran Urikhanyan doesn’t answer whether Gagik Tsarukyan is getting ready for extraordinary parliamentary elections. If not, what will be changed in the country, which will be deprived of Republicans’ rule, “Your humble servant represented new legislative initiative.”

“The Republican party won’t have power any more, let’s Sharmazanov drink cold water before doing predictions,”- advises Levon Zurabyan, “He did the same prediction when we demanded the Government’s resignation and it was proved what the value of his words is.”

The problem is not in the Republican party,- continues Mr. Zurabyan, but whether people can be united and create a situation that the government yields its positions, “This issue is solved during these days and HAK does everything possible to provide that unity and people’s self- management.”

We mustn’t lose hope,- calls Levon Zurabyan, – there is exit from any situation. Now the most important is the united work of the four and the people,-“Not to focus on it and not to try to reach success would be simply meaningless. The four must organize people’s union against the authorities.”