“Golden Apricot” inspired by Parajanov

GOLDEN APRICOT Yerevan 11th International Film Festival is scheduled for July 13-20 this year. Just as at its previous editions the event is to invite best of the world cinema works, as well as the most celebrated figures of the world film industry to Yerevan.

This year the whole festival is programmed in the honor and memory of Sergei Parajanov on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of this great artist. The whole programme including the visual concept of the festival presentation is inspired by Parajanov. In order to present as widely as possible this outstanding Armenian artist all his films will be screened as part of a Retrospective programme. Furthermore, various films, dedicated to his life and arts will be presented. Apart from that, a special photo exhibition presenting the artist will be displayed at MOSCOW cinema for the whole period of the festival.

GOLDEN APRICOT will traditionally present its competition film programme in four main categories: the International Feature Competition, the International Documentary Competition, the Armenian Panorama and the Apricot Stone (short film competition programme held primarily for beginner filmmakers). The films will be evaluated by the invited Boards of Jury.

It is worth to mention that the festival has received more than 1500 film submissions this year from 95 countries. This growth in numbers once compared with the previous years (1200 submission in 2013) comes to once again prove the constant growth of the international film community’s attention towards Yerevan film festival.

The festival non-competition programmes- the Yerevan Premieres, Retrospective and Tribute more specifically,will present critically acclaimed films, both newly released and classical works of the world cinema, to the Yerevan audience. The screenings will be accompanied by meetings with the filmmakers and Q&A sessions. Open master classes for interested students and cinema lovers will be held by the renowned filmmakers.

Directors Across Border and Armenia -Turkey Cinema Platform – the regional co-production forum-workshops will be held during the festival. It should be noticed that these two events can truly be considered not only as essential driving forces for the regional film industry development but as powerful artistic tools capable to foster the promotion of a peaceful dialogue and cooperative bridges between neighboring countries.

“Golden Apricot” Yerevan International Film Festival