Ecologists have no expectations from the new Minister (video)

Teghut protection civil initiative member Arthur Grigoryan has no expectations from newly appointed Environment Protection Minister Aramayis Grigoryan, today at the meeting with journalists he announced.

According to the ecologist, environmental protection Ministers are losing their quality, “We have had worse and worse environmental protection ministers, at first Vardan Ayvazyan, then- Aram Harutyunyan.”

Arthur Grigoryan noted that in the field of ecology we deal with the system corruption.

“The Government has the issue of Lake Sevan water level low preservation, so that water doesn’t increase and cover the coastal buildings of oligarchs, and the irrigation water from the lake is sold to the villagers,”- he said.

“EcoLur” NGO head Inga Zarafyan also has no expectations from the newly appointed Minister, “He is a businessman, we haven’t had a minister who is connected with the ecology field,”- said the ecologist. According to his words, relevant bodies lead our resources to collapse, we destroy our water resources. He also added that “Ecological social union” applied to the newly appointed Minister Aramayis Grigoryan. The Environmental Protection Minister said that he is ready to discuss field problems.