Ararat Valley residents don’t get water from Lake Sevan: EcoLur

Ararat Valley residents don’t get water from Lake Sevan. It was found out during EcoLur’ sociological surveys carried out in Rachpar, Sayat-Nova, Hovtashat, and Dalar communities in Ararat Region and Aknalitch, Tandzout, Artashar communities and Armavir Town in Armavir Region.

17 residents out of 44 in the aforementioned communities in Ararat and Armavir regions said they don’t get water from Lake Sevan. 12 people said that they use artesian wells, 32 surveyed said they didn’t know who gets the water from Lake Sevan, villagers of fish farmers.

Reminder: the maximum water outlet from Lake Sevan was increased from 170 million cubic meters to 240 million square meters with the substantiation of irrigation in the communities of Ararat Valley.

The problem with water in Ararat Valley was escalated because of merciless exploitation of underground water reserves in Ararat Valley. 19 people out of the surveyed blame fish farms of this problem. Residents consider he measures of Nature Protection Ministry directed to improve the situation, particularly the conservation of artesian wells, useless. In the opinions of 16 surveys the conservation of illegal wells didn’t give anything. Under 20 people, irrigation water is not sufficient. 30 people think, Ararat Valley undermines danger.