International Community joins call ‘Save Sevan’

The international community has joined the call  ‘Save Sevan.’ 43 organizations from 21 countries signed the letter addressed to newly appointed Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan, which demands to call back the governmental resolutions undermining the very existence of the lake. One of the resolutions refers to water outlets up to 240 million cubic meters instead of statutory 170 million. The second resolution refers to the complex project of fish breeding in Lake Sevan, where annually 50,000 tons of artificial forage containing nitrogen and phosphorus and genetically modified soya will be dumped into the lake.

Among the countries you can find Germany, Netherlands, USA, France, Sri Lanka, Romania, Spain, Lebanon, Benin, Russia, India, Pakistan, Uganda, Nepal, Mexico, Brazil, Bulgaria, Poland, Moldova, Ukraine and Cameroon.

It should be mentioned that Hovik Abrahamyan hasn’t replied the letter so far signed by local NGOs and the residents of communities in Gegharkounik Region. The campaign to save Lake Sevan is ongoing, EcoLur reports.