New Times Party says the best option is velvet revolution

The New Times Party (NZhK) held a meeting at the Congress Hotel in Yerevan on May 3. The meeting was attended by NZhK supporters and a number of noted intellectuals affiliated with the party.

The discussion focused on internal and external challenges of Armenia. NZhK Leader Aram Karapetyan presented in detail the escalating geopolitical conflicts and stressed that people in Armenia do not realise the seriousness of problems and challenges the country may face as a result of these conflicts.

NZhK members believe that constitutional amendments are untimely in Armenia, given the prevailing atmosphere of lawlessness in the country. Besides, renunciation of the presidential system of government is equal to treason. The participants of the meeting were unanimous that there is no alternative to radical changes which can be made is possible only through a velvet revolution.  All other processes are unacceptable for the Party.