Byureghavan Boarding School Director sacked

Gayane Margaryan, director of “Byureghavan Children’s Care and Protection Boarding School” SNCO, has been relieved of her duties by a May 2 decision of the RA Minister of Labor and Social Affairs.

This came after a crime on illegalities in the boarding school under the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs was reported to RA Prosecutor General with a request to initiate a criminal case and commission pre-investigation to Special Investigation Service. Transparency International Anticorruption Center NGO, civic initiative activists, members of monitoring group of special comprehensive education institutions joined the crime reporting.

RA Ombudsman Mr. Karen Andreasyan, also called for urgent measures towards implementing a complete, objective and comprehensive study on the violations recorded in the boarding school in order to eliminate such cases, as well as subject the authorities who failed to liability.

On April 4, a number of employees of the SNCO disseminated an open letter on unhealthy moral and psychological atmosphere in the institution, violence against children, financial misuse, abuse of her official position by SNCO director Gayane Margaryan and the patronage she enjoyed. Press and social media rapidly responded to it, paid visits to the institution and interviewed the employees and children.

According to those releases Gayane Margaryan used major violence, beating the children and reminding them of immoral conduct of their parents. Also, a number of financial irregularities  were revealed during the visits of relevant bodies.