Paruyr Hayrikyan: Tomorrow they may decide to erect statues to Putin and Stalin (video)

They brought their children to the parade to say ‘Putin is our dad,’ Chairman of the National Self-Determination Union (AIM) Paruyr Hayrikyan said Friday when commenting on children’s presence in the May 1 traditional parade organised by the Communist Party of Armenia.

He says Communists in Armenia do not have any ideological connection with their Russian counterparts.

“In the past, our Communists sought to join Communist Russia, but today there is not any ideology. I wonder what our Communists have found in Putin, who is not a Communist. If [Gennady] Zyuganov were Russia’s President, at least, I could see a common ideology,” said Hayrikyan.

The AIM leader cannot understand why the Yerevan Municipality should want to erect a statue to the Soviet-era politician Anastas Mikoyan.

“Mikoyan was known to be a head of executioners who killed millions of people. The decision  shows that some people are mentally ill. Tomorrow they may wake up and decide to erect statues to Putin and Stalin…”

During today’s press conference, Paruyr Hayrikyan also said he was going to attend the May 18 rally against Armenia’s accession to the Customs Union.