“Bright future is in socialism” (video)

RA authorities don’t go out for May 1st march, as they don’t accept this holiday considering it former communist whereas it is international holiday. Today online in “Ayb-Fe” hall of “A1+” said HHK Center regional committee first secretary Donara Nalbandyan.

According to her it is because there isn’t job and working class, “All the power is in the hands of oligarchs and simple workers can’t come and take part in our march.”

Mrs. Donara says that they are getting less and less as there are only old members, “I must say that during recent years I have accepted 2 communists. They come as they understand that only the Communist party cares of the people.”

Donara Nalbandyan affirmed once more that they support RF President Vladimir Putin’s policy, “We accept all the steps Putin does, as they are good for him and for our people. We must remember that migrated young people are mostly in the RF. Of course, we demand from our authorities to create vacancies, but they don’t pay attention to it. May be they benefit from it, as the less people, easier they will govern.”

And in the end she added, “We believe that our bright future is in socialism, even if communism doesn’t return.”