Republicans don’t expect danger from the four (video)

“The four isn’t ruining,”- says Deputy Mikayel Melkumyan commenting on BHK participation in the election of Galust and Hovhannes Sahakyan, “It isn’t a building to be ruined or not.”

Mikayel Melkumyan is trying to understand is there an agreement by which BHK is connected with the four’s other powers, which are not subject to collapse. According to him BHK is neither an opposition, nor government and can call things by their names, “We are on our place.”

According to the deputy, BHK keeps balance in the four. It can’t criticize the government as other oppositional powers, “The alternative choice is that we must accept the Government’s good deeds and refuse those, which don’t solve problems.”

BHK must wait until the Government presents a project to the National Assembly, but it will be better to introduce how it will work. The Republicans regained former confidence, they don’t expect danger from the four.

HHK member Samvel Nikoyan says, “Let’s that panic be in the four, as it is possible that the four isn’t united in many issues like it was in the past. On the other hand there is peace in the Republican party than in the past.”

Gagik Jhangiryan says only one sentence, that there is something wrong in the four, “The four needs such moments.”

The conversations on the collapse of the four arose after BHK stopped criticizing the Government, as well as took part and voted for HHK Galust Sahakyan in the NA President’s elections.

“I have not only working relations with BHK deputies but also friendly relations. It is clear, that it was not political, it was attitude,”- notes NA President Galust Sahakyan.