8 people will be deprived of daily bread: park at the expense of people’s living (video)

Gyulbenkyan Street residents are against the famous philanthropist Galust Gyulbenkyan’s bust installation and construction of the park of the same name.

“I don’t think that Gyulbenkyan would like to close vacancies in order to install a bust. Is it good or bad to people?”- today Samvel Muradyan said to “A1+”.

The park must be built on the crossroads of Aram Khachatryan- Gyulbenkyan streets, where there are shops. It means that the shops must be removed, it means that 8 families will be deprived of daily bread. The residents complain that Arabkir district head Hrayr Antonyan doesn’t take into consideration this fact.

“We have created our bread, we can keep our families due to this small business and now they want to take it for unknown reasons,”- says Marine Nahapetyan.

There are more than 150 signatures against the construction. The residents are not against the bust installation, but they don’t want to lose their jobs. According to them, they will not only be deprived of bread, but the area will become noisy and out of control.”

“During the day the young will come and fight dogs, and at night the homeless will sleep there and disturb us,”- says Gagik Nikolyan.

Details in the video