Let’s support Vladimir Putin, Communists’ application to RF Embassy (video)

Today Communist party has arranged a march on the International Worker’s Day. Communists from Yerevan and different regions were present.

The march moved to the RF Embassy and a letter was given to embassy’s representative. It is said in the letter.

“We- the participants of May 1st and Eurasian march in Yerevan apply to the RA and the RF as well as to Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kirghizia people calling to support Russian President Vladimir Putin in the integration process during this important period.

Armenia’s membership in the Customs Union is vital for the republic, the first step in the active participation of 2015 January 1st Eurasian union creation process.

We- the participants of May 1st and Eurasian march are sure that the Eurasian union will become the first but stable level in the difficult road of union state creation in post soviet area.”