“Trade unions must fight instead of “I am against” (video)

In Armenia workers’ rights aren’t defended, thinks “Workers Interests Protection Movement” head Karen Tumanyan. He thinks that today in Armenia everything is distorted, there is lack of trade unions. According to Karen Tumanyan, “I am against” group is successful in the fight against the mandatory component of funded pensions, but trade unions must have fought against that issue.

Working hours aren’t protected also, notes “Workers Interests Protection Movement” head. According to him today employees work more that 8 hours, even 11 hours.

“Consumers union” head Armen Poghosyan also thinks that working hours are long, “In all the world people don’t have right to work more that 48 hours. It differs from country to country, for example in France the maximum is 35 hours,”- said Armen Poghosyan.

He noted that there is hidden employment in our country, those employees lose, “Their rights aren’t defended, they will never get pensions.”