Gentle girl plays the instrument twice her height (video)

“Orchestra+” project continues its concerts. This time together with State Opera and Ballet Academic Theatre Symphonic Orchestra Swiss musician Eliana Burki with her national instrument alphorn is on the stage.

Tiny and gentle girl playing the instrument twice her height assures that she has no difficulties. The most important are trained muscles, “Abdominal muscles must be very strong and vocal cords must be trained, in that case everything will be fine and tiny body and height won’t be an obstacle.”

Alphorn is the biggest musical instrument in the world. It has unique sound tones, which are produced due to the special vibrations of the lips. The prototype of alphorn was used in the Alps as a signaling instrument and its sound reminds the voice coming from the mountains. It got its name due to it- alpine trumpet. Elina began playing it when she was a child and turned the national instrument into a modern one, “All play national music on alphorn and I am the only person who plays also jazz, rock and even classical music on this instrument.”

Elina Burkin is for the first time in Armenia and is not familiar with our country, but she has already understood- people are very friendly, “They met me well, we have become friends with the band at once, it is very easy to work with them.”

Young musician have already got acquainted with Armenian national musical instruments through the Internet. Most of all she liked duduk. She hasn’t played it yet but she says that it is one of the primary goals.

The video soon