Raffi Hovannisian: My watch runs faster than that of others (video)

Leader of the opposition Heritage Party Raffi Hovannisian has never used the word “quartet,” however; he welcomes the cooperation between the four non-governing forces.

Mr Hovannisian regrets that that the four forces did not demonstrate a unified stance during yesterday’s election of parliament speaker.

“The four parties should prevent the approval of the cabinet program. If we witness the repetition of Tuesday’s vote during the discussion of the cabinet program, it will give rise to a new political situation. Then I shall say what we are going to do next,” said the Heritage leader.

Mr Hovannisian says the four opposition forces lack a common agenda.

“These forces promised to create a united square by mid-April, but they failed to do it. My watch sometimes runs faster than that of others. We agreed to wait until the government presents its program, then we shall present our position,” he said.