Economist has expectations from Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan (video)

Chairman of the Republican Union of Employers pins great hopes on the newly appointed Prime Minister of Armenia Hovik Abrahamyan.

“Even if he does not become a reformist, [Prime Minister] Hovik Abrahamyan will be able to organize the work of the government much better. His predecessor [Tigran Sargsyan] was a reformist but his reforms were not a success,” says Gagik Makaryan.

The economist says it is too early to assess the activity of the new cabinet.

“Some ministers remained in office others were replaced. An interesting government is being formed which is to solve a number of issues,” he said.

One of the main problems is to assist small and medium-sized businesses. The new government should promote the development of small businesses, because small business is flexible and rapidly changing while larger businesses must pay taxes and never stand in the way of small businesses,” said the economist.