Opposition ‘quartet’ concludes meeting (video)

The special working meeting of the four non-governing forces in Armenia has concluded. Talking to reporters after the meeting, Head of the Heritage parliamentary faction Ruben Hakobyan said the representatives of the four opposition parties – Armenian National Congress (HAK), Heritage, Armenian revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun) and Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK) – had discussed the bill on the RA Law on Funded Pensions which the government submitted to the legislature on Tuesday evening.

The Heritage lawmaker said the quartet’s concerns over the law and the government-submitted bill remain the same. “We shall again make proposals and then specify our future steps. If the parliamentary majority does not accept our proposals we shall discuss our future actions.”

Asked whether the four forces are going to convene a special sitting on the matter, Mr Hakobyan said the issue is still on the agenda.

Speaking about the behavior of the BHK lawmakers who yesterday voted for Republican candidate Galust Sahakyan to become parliament speaker, the Heritage official said, “It would be much better if the quartet had a unified position. However, I must say that we did not hold the same opinion on the issue. I would not like to give tough assessments to BHK’s decision. Today’s discussion was very constructive, and I think that BHK will soon comment on its stance.”