Do you like jazz? Armenia joins the world to celebrate International Jazz Day (video)

International Jazz Day is observed across the globe April 30.

Armenian will join the International Jazz Day celebrations on Wednesday with concerts and promotions.

In November 2011, UNESCO officially declared April 30 as the International Jazz Day to highlight the significance of jazz and its diplomatic role in uniting people from all parts of the world.

International Jazz Day celebrates the historical, cultural, and educational contribution of this popular genre of music. The day aims to spread international awareness about this unique musical style; and to promote the cultural, and social values that Jazz stands for.

The objective of jazz as a global art form is to promote peace, freedom of expression, inter-cultural dialogue, diversity and respect of human rights, as well as to root out discrimination and strengthen the role of young people as the spearheads of change in society.

For the first time, the word “jazz” was used on April 2, 1912.