The regime gathers money by introducing “the mandatory” (video)

“Today the RA Government, realizing that it violates human rights, still does it,”- in “Ayb-Fe” hall turning to the education field workers’ action in front of the MOE and mandatory funded pensions system deductions, noted civil activist Gevorg Safaryan.

According to the activists, some people of our government and regime need money, “When have you seen this regime to return money taken from the society? It is obvious that they won’t return. They need money to keep that regime. The regime, criminal oligarchic system owns that money and they understand that they have little time to govern and so they gather money, they need,”- said Gevorg Safaryan.

Turning to Hovik Abrahamyan’s activities connected with the funded system, the activist said, “For example, when a person is hired as a cleaner, he tries to show during first days, that he is good. Hovik Abrahamyan also wants to show something new, it is a regular farce.”